Hello there, you!

I see you’ve landed on my portfolio page. Thanks!

I have 9 years in the writing, editorial, and copywriting fields.

At eBay I was part of the collections and copywriting teams and had the good fortune to write 2 of the inter-company April Fools Day jokes. Which were a good laugh. The teams I worked with were the Collections team and the Guides team. I’ve highlighted work from both below.

Publications I’ve written for include: National Geographic, Playboy, Esquire, Interview, Elle, Bust, and many more outlets. I’ve been an editor at Time Out New York, Big Think, and Death & Taxes (currently Spin Magazine).

I’ve also written fun, digestible scientific content for the World Economic Forum, hosted two live chats event for Netflix, and wrote several high-return email campaigns for CreatorUp.

Recently, I’ve also branched out into cannabis copywriting. I couldn’t be more excited to start out in such an exciting field.

And yes, I was even sponsored by Wheaties. That’s a good story.

And I could also work for you, too.


— Ned

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