Actual conversation with a guy in a guitar store

“So, I was wondering how much this would get me” “Why you want to sell that?”
“Moving. Need the money”
“Looks like this thing got kept in good shape” “Yeah” (couple of minutes go by as he looks at it) “Yeah, don’t sell this”
“Because guys come in here all the time selling shit. And you’re looking at that thing like a puppy”
“Well yeah, I used to want to be Kurt Cobain...”
“Motherfucker, Kurt Cobain didn’t even want to be Kurt Cobain”
“... yeah...”
“How long have you had this?”
“Since I was 17”
“(Sinatra warble) It was a very good yeeeear...”
“Hold on to this, man. Money comes around. Do you know the Federal Reserve just MAKES UP money?”
“Yeah I heard that on NPR”
“Yeah me too”
“So don’t sell it?”
“You’ll regret it. And I’m saying that as the guy that would buy it. If you’re not willing to part, you’re not willing to part”
“I dunno, man. I need the money”
“Then get a job”
“I have a job.”
“If I buy this, you’re going to think about it. I get guys in here all the time pulling out their axes and getting all misty eyed.”
“The guitar reminds me of when I thought I was gonna change the world with it”
“Dude, look around you. All these guitars here have the same story. This? This consignment part of the store? This is where dreams go to die. Are you ready to let the dream die, man?”
“I don’t know what the dream is anymore” (by this point I’m wondering why this guy, at this guitar store, was giving me the talking to, and why this is such an existential conversation)
“Look, even if you just hang it on a wall, even if you take it down once a month to noodle around on, you’ll still have that reminder. It’s like selling a typewriter. Theres a lot of love in something like this. Even if you were just a kid. I dunno. Too many suits come in here, man. Too many weekend warriors think they can just get a Stratocaster or a Harley Davidson and remember their youth. Or something, you know? This? This right here, man? This is the genuine article. This is you. You want $500? That’s a small price to pay for a piece of your history, man. I - “
“I get what you’re saying”
“Heh. Well shit, dude. I think you’ve answered your own question”
“This is cheaper than therapy”
“Keep it alive, man. There’s a guy behind you. I should help him.”
“Yeah. Hey, thanks, man”